Premiéra 13 nových videoklipov Doda & Landera – 2. Apríl – Kino Kultúra Ružomberok

Určite si pamätáte na premiéru druhej časti Ružomberskej Trilógie, pôvodne sa malo jednať len o jedno video, venované Ružomberku. Nakoniec z toho vznikla Trilógia a od nej sa odvodil gigant, ktorý obsahuje 13 videoklipov. Ostatných 12 videoklipov doposiaľ nebolo zverejnených, pretože sa čakalo na dátum, ktorý sa spája s touto „VEĽKOU PREMIÉROU“. Týmto dátumom je 2. Apríl 2014, premiéra sa uskutoční v Kine Kultúra Ružomberok o 17:00.

Dodo & Lander – ease of falling star – chillout „Like a Falling Star“

The last time we heard about these guys, it was about 2 compilations. The first compilation was „Best of Dodo & Lander 09 – 13“, and the second „Classics Remastered“. Now it is time to change and we should looking forward to a new series of electronic dance music sounds. As a silence before the storm, Dodo & Lander are introducing imposing chillout genre melodies of two tracks, which are “Like a Falling Star” and “Wake Me Up”.


Package contains looped background musics of different moods and four jingles. Everything is useful in radio and/or video broadcasting, especially when you need fast construction kit that will help you to win over your deadline. Package content is suitable to express many messages and it´s emotions, as for example: radio drops and jingles, headline intros, news, party and events invitations, background music and splashes for commercials, use it to make up notifications to your shows, impress your crowd and so on. This radio/video broadcast kit is limitless along with your imagination and fantasy. With looped parts, there will be no problem to set duration of background music to fit your messages.

New EP: Dodo & Lander – Classics Remastered EP!

Now we are going to search back in some time to find out how it looked before 2009 and before 2007, when Dodo & Lander pulled it together. EP contains seven previously unreleased tracks by Dodo Basnak and Michael Lander, produced from year 2005 to 2008. Just assure that these and today´s tracks have the same emotional feeling as we can always await from these guys.

Dodo & Lander – it’s all the effort and suffering worth it?

Dodo & Lander Best of 09-13 Compilation

It´s around 5 wonderful years full of expectations, emotions, successes, but also disappointments –this could be characterized the first official compilation of Slovak producer duo from Ružomberok. As the opening words indicate, the compilation´s name is “Dodo & Lander – Best of 09 – 13”.

ANGELS – Screens from music video

Dodo & Lander - Angels - Screens from music video -filmstripYes! We saw the Angels! The most elaborate pre-production up to now, here are some screens before final cut!

Sounds of industry – “INDUST” ft. Dalila is OUT!

Today, the fourth of september, Dodo & Lander are releasing a new single to the world, called „INDUST“. They faithfully capture the melodies of today´s industry, which will later be enriched with video part. The result will be again an unique combination of sound and pictures with immersive atmosphere.

Awaited EP – Ruzomberok Trilogy is OUT!

Artists and producers Dodo & Lander releasing a new EP! It is a bigger size package containing three tracks of various styles and music videos made to them. That “music” part´s release date is 7th of august 2013. From music videos, only the second part called “Home” is published yet.

Never Ending – Screens From Music Video

Dodo & Lander - Never Ending - Screens From Music VideoBeautiful scenery, beautiful melodies, extraordinary performances, can not hardly wait to final cut!

I Fight – Screens From Music Video

Dodo & Lander - I Fight - Screens From Music Video Filmstrip

Anonymous, anonymous. Looking forward to a great piece of art. “I Fight” will feed You will that kind of right energy around us ;)

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